Drug Testing Policy





The Board of Education, in an effort to protect the health and safety of its students from the possession or use of alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drugs, thereby setting a positive example for all other students of the School District, adopts the following “Extracurricular Student Policy on Testing for Alcohol and Illegal or Performance Enhancing Drugs.”


Extracurricular activities include the following:

                Academic Team                                           All Athletic Teams

         Cheerleading                                                FFA                                        

Class Officers                                              Queens/Attendants/Escorts

         Student Council                                                       Jr/Sr Prom and Class Trips

         FCCLA                                                                    National Honor Society

         Pioneer Technology Center                          Quiz Bowl                                         

            Any other extracurricular activity


1.   It is the desire of the Board of Education, administration, and staff that every student in the School District refrain from using or possessing alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drugs.  Notwithstanding this desire, the administration and Board of Education realize that their power to restrict the possession or use of alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drugs is limited.  Therefore, except as provided below, the sanctions of this Policy relate solely to limiting the opportunity of any student determined to be in violation of this Policy to participate in extracurricular activities.  This Policy is intended to supplement and complement all other policies, rules and regulations of the Woodland School District regarding possession or use of alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drugs.


2.   Participation in school-sponsored extracurricular activities of the School District is a privilege, not a right.  Students who participate in these activities are respected by the student body and are expected to conduct themselves as good examples of behavior, sportsmanship and training.  Accordingly, extracurricular students carry a responsibility to themselves, their fellow students, their parents and their school to set the highest possible examples of conduct, which includes avoiding the use or possession of alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drugs.


3.   The purpose of this Policy is to prevent alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drug use, to educate extracurricular students as to the serious physical, mental and emotional harm caused by alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drug use, to alert students with possible substance abuse problems to the potential harms of use, to prevent injury, illness and harm as a result of alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drug use, and to strive within the Woodland School District for an extracurricular environment free of alcohol and illegal or performance enhancing drug possession and use.  This Policy is not intended to be disciplinary or punitive in nature.  The sanctions of this Policy relate solely to limiting the opportunity of any extracurricular student found to be in violation of this Policy to participate in extracurricular activities.  There will be no academic sanction solely for a violation of this policy.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, a student may be disciplined, including suspended out of school, if a violation of this policy also results in a violation of the School District’s Student Behavior Policy.




2.   “Coach or sponsor” means any person hired by the School District to coach athletic teams of the School District or to act as a sponsor or coach of an extracurricular program of the School District.


3.   “Athletics” and “athletic activity” means participation by a student on any athletic team or cheerleader team sponsored by the School District.


4.   “In-season” means anytime during the day, night, weekends or holidays, including all time in and away from school during the entire school year for all extracurricular students and athletes.


5.   “School District” means Independent School District No. 090 of Osage County, Oklahoma, also known as the Woodland School District.


6.   “Alcohol” means ethyl alcohol or ethanol and any alcoholic beverage and includes “low-point beer” as defined by Oklahoma law.


7.   “Illegal drugs” means any substance which an individual may not sell, possess, use, distribute or purchase under either federal or Oklahoma law.  “Illegal drugs” include, but are not limited to, all scheduled drugs as defined by the Oklahoma Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Act, all prescription drugs obtained without authorization and all prescribed and over-the-counter drugs being used for an abusive purpose, and paraphernalia to use such drugs.


8.   “Performance enhancing drugs” include anabolic steroids and any other natural or synthetic substance used to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance, speed or other athletic ability.  The term “performance enhancing drugs” does not include dietary or nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals and proteins which can be lawfully purchased in over-the-counter transactions.


9.   “Drug or alcohol use test” means a chemical test administered for the purpose of determining the presence or absence of alcohol or illegal or performance enhancing chemical substances or their metabolites in a student’s blood, bodily tissue, fluids, products, urine, breath, saliva, or hair.


10. “Random selection basis” means a mechanism for selecting students for drug and/or alcohol use testing that:

a.   results in an equal probability that any student from a group of students subject to the selection mechanism will be selected, and

b.   does not give the School District discretion to waive the selection of any extracurricular student selected under the mechanism.


11. “Positive” when referring to an alcohol or drug use test administered under this Policy means a toxicological test result which is considered to demonstrate the presence of alcohol or an illegal or a performance enhancing drug or the metabolites thereof using the standards customarily established by the testing laboratory administering the drug or alcohol use test. 


12. “Reasonable suspicion” means a suspicion based on specific personal observations concerning the appearance, speech or behavior of an extracurricular student, and reasonable inferences drawn from those observations in the light of experience.  Information provided by a reliable source, if based on personal knowledge, shall constitute reasonable suspicion.  In the context of performance enhancing drugs, reasonable suspicion specifically includes unusual increases in size, strength, weight or other athletic abilities.
























If, after signing the Consent form, an extracurricular student refuses to submit to an alcohol or drug use test authorized under this Policy, such student shall not be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities including all meetings, practice, performances and competition until they submit to a drug test.


Parents of students not involved in extracurricular activities may choose to enroll their child in this program by reading the policy, filling out the consent form and returning it to their child’s principal.