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What to do in the 10th grade

Sophomore Year


  • Continue to focus on the important of high school and make good academic decisions.
  • Check out websites of all interested colleges and request catalogs and information about their programs.
  • Take the PSAT test in October.  See your counselor for further information.
  • Be responsible for your education.  Make sure your academic grades reflect your true ability and efforts.  Take courses at the most challenging level you can handle.
  • Get involved in activities outside the classroom.  Work toward leadership positions in activities you like best.
  • Become involved in community service and other volunteer activities.
  • Meet with college representatives who visit your school.
  • Apply for Oklahoma Promise if you have not previously applied and you are eligible.
  • Take the ACT
  • Decide if interested in attending Pioneer Technology Center as a Junior.
  • Decide if planning on taking Concurrent enrollment during Junior year.

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