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November News:

Happy Thanksgiving

No School the fourth week of November.  We have an entire week out for Thanksgiving this year!  

You are invited to our Woodland Wake Up on Dec. 4th 2019.  This is when each student in pre-k will lead the school in one of the morning poems, songs or giving out an award for reading.  Mrs. Mashburn begins right on time for this event each Wednesday, beginning at 7:50 in the morning.  Please be early at 7:30 with your child if they will eat breakfast in the cafeteria.  This will give those students 15 minutes to eat and we will get their faces clean for their performance.  If your child is shy or nervous about this performance we will help them with their part, the less you say to them the better about being nervous. They have been practicing their part with the whole group from the beginning of the year and they are each ready.  Thank you in advance for coming and supporting what we do here at WES!  We appreciate each of you!  

I have updated this website to include each child’s snack day through January.  You may now log on to this site and check when your child has snack day in their class.  You may also send me a note and I can send you another hard copy if you prefer, either way thank you for providing snack for our classroom!  The student’s love snack time!

November 11 is Woodland Pubic School joined Veteran’s Day Assembly.  It is a beautiful tribute put together by our school wide music director Kara Clapp.  We encourage attendance, you will not be disappointed!  It begins at 2:00.  If you are a Veteran or would like to bring a Veteran to lunch, lunch will be served at 11:00 in the Woodland High School Cafeteria for Veterans.  Thank you Veteran’s for serving our country!

English Language Arts:

This month our class is learning to rhyme.  We are working on word families at, ap, and an.  In addtition, students are learning their letters and letter sounds with daily practice.  

Math Concepts:

This month students are learning to recognize 1-5 with the goal of recognizing 1-10 by the end of the year.  

Students are also practicing to count to 100 daily to increase number sense and counting.  


The weather and seasonal changes to fall.  Students are learning what animals are doing to prepare for the winter and the cold months ahead.  

If you have any questions please fill free to call me right away and I will be happy to help.  

I enjoy being your child’s pre-k teacher and I enjoy visiting with you about your child!  :)

I will send home a newsletter in your child’s folder each week. 

Take Care,

Tabitha Hewitt 

Woodland Elementary Pre-K Teacher 

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