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Educational Websites

This site can be used to help understand the creation of citations for Chicago style research in history/geography classes.

This government controlled site includes maps that cover each region of the world, the flags of each country, and common thematic issues that occur in world politics, which is part of human geography. 

Students can research geographic topics and find details that are often left out of textbooks. Also, web-based learning is often more inviting than “chalkboard” learning for today’s learning. This website allows students to explore and identify geographic themes at their own pace. 

Students are encouraged to view the topics being discussed on this website. They can give students information about topics they have encountered in the past or will encounter in the future. However, this information should be taken with the understanding that it may not be portrayed the same in the classroom as it is on the website. Also, parents should monitor their student's activity on this website, as some topics, such as wars or battles, may be shown in gruesome fashion.

This is a useful website for students who have questions about forming correct citations in any format. Following guidelines on this website will allow students to successfully create citations while learning about their formation at the same time.