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Homework Information

Hello Families,

     Homework is an important time to practice the skills that students learn during school time.  First graders begin the year with knowledge about the alphabet, sounds, and some sight words.  They leave as students that read paragraphs, write sentences and create stories.  This happens in a slow progression of hard work on the student, parent, and teacher team.  I look forward to helping our team and cheering on our students to being strong readers every step of the way.  I would love to share resources with you to assist you in helping your child meet the individual goals of first graders in Oklahoma!  I am excited to work with your child and all the foundations of learning they have achieved from family time, pre-k and kindergarten.  If you would like any extra curriculum support from me to assist your child, please do not hesitate to let me know.  We are team teachers, and you are your child’s first teacher.  It’s going to be a great year!  


Nightly reading-copied & stappled book.  Sign the reading log and return the book.  Please do not write on the books for future use.  

Each night students will bring home a copied book that pairs with the reading curriculum map. The book is chosen to work on the phonics skill that boost your child’s ability to read.  Please read the book together, and point out words that have unique qualities such as short vowels, long vowels and other phonics features.  We will be talking about these features daily in class, listen for these types of words to know your child is applying their knowledge from the class into real world experiences!  Eke, reading is exciting! 


Math-Drops in the Bucket or a Math Facts worksheet.  

Math facts shoudl be practiced nightly, I will share flashcards with you that I have laminated and put on a ring.  The math facts is a curriculm named with letters for their levels.  Level A-G  When your child masters the level, I will send home a new set.  

No Homework on Thursday nights or weekends.  Students need to practice sight words and math flashcards daily for successful completion and memorization.  










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