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Homework Information

Sight Words

Week 1 am, and, can, on, the 

Week 2  did, had, him, it, said 

Week 3  at, has, in, see, there

Week 4 call, can’t, look, was, what 

Week 5 ask, big, got, of, to

Week 6 down, help, if, its red

Week 7 for, get, out, that, this, 

Week 8  girl, little, went, when, will 

Week 9 an, but, do, she, they

Week 10 all, jump, were, with, yes 

Week 11 make, ride, walk, we, well 

week 12 after, like, over, them, you

week 13 be, green, or, take, two

week 14 boy, could, every, going, some 

week 15 day, don’t, my, sleep, way