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Educational Websites

PBS Kids

Students have the opportunity to play on the PBS website during computer time.  Most of the computer time is used during the school year in the website Starfall.  This site does provide engaging education for young children.  

The Steps for Reading

This website is a great resource about the steps students take to become a reader.  Knowing where your child is in the process of learning to read is important information to use to prepare them for the next step.  During the year in Pre-k students learn the letter name, letter sounds, and beginning letter/sound in a word (alliteration).  It is important for Pre-k to know the difference in a letter and a word.   If your child knows the letter names and sounds, it is time for them to combine the letter sounds to make small words and learn sight words. 


Students work on this site in computer lab everyday to practice their alphabet knowledge and number sense.