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Homework Calendar

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Ms. Heskett's Weekly Homework Calendar 11-30-20
Monthly Character Trait: Obedience          
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Math: Drops In the Bucket: 36 Math: Drops In the Bucket: 37 Math: Drops In the Bucket: 38  
Reading: The Four Seasons Reading: Oval Reading: Phonics Reader
Breakfast: French Toast Sticks
Lunch: Chicken Sub
Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll

Lunch: Lil Smokies
Breakfast: Breakfast Bar

Lunch: Pulled Pork Sandwich
Breakfast: Biscuit & Gravy

Lunch: Pizza
Breakfast includes a choice of cereal. Menu is subject to change.
Remember: We go outside for recess every day if possible.
Please make sure your child has a hoodie as the days begin to cool off.
from Caharacter First
I will always tell the truth,
Even when it's hard to do.
I'll encourage those around me
So that they'll be truthful too.
I'll admit when I am wrong;
I will not exaggerate.
And though I may be tempted,
I will never stael or cheat.
Commitments are important steps
To guard us from disaster.
And just to show we know them well,
Let's say them even faster.
Upcoming Dates to Remember
Dec. 16….. AR Party for those who earn their points
Dec. 18-Jan. 3.. NO SCHOOL Christmas
Jan. 4….. Back to School
Math Fact Fluency: Remember to practice your child's math fact level flash cards with them to increase fluency (reading the fact and providing the answer within 5 seconds).
Sight/High Frequency Words: Cut these words apart to use as flash cards to help your child recognize and read them quickly (within 3 seconds).
  make ride walk we well know place years live letter