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Homework Calendar

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Ms. Heskett's Weekly Homework Calendar 1-30-23
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Math: Drops  
           In the  16
Math: Drops  
           In the  17
Math: Drops  
           In the  18
Spelling Test Today
on Thursdays anymore since there is no school on Fridays.
Reading: Things with ...
Fluency: Time your child reading the passage 3 times 
Reading: Big Cats
Fluency: Time your child reading the passage 3 times 
Reading: Groundhogs
Fluency: Time your child reading the passage 3 times 
Your child should have come home with a FIELD TRIP note and PERMISSION SLIP on Monday. We are planning a trip to see SEED REEF in Ponca City next week on Tuesday, February 7.
We go outside for recess every day if the temperature is above freezing.
Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather and has a coat to wear during recess time out on the playground.
Monthly Character Trait/Memory Work Upcoming Dates to Remember
from Character First
I will never act impulsively;
I'll always stop and think.
I will keep my body healthy
With the things I eat and drink.
I will always ask for what I need,
Not beg for what I want.
I'll use anger as my signal:
I must yield my rights at once!
My character is what will make
A leader out of me!
So next time through, let's say it more
Feb. 7….. Trip to view Seed Reef in Ponca City
Feb. 9 & 16….. Parent Teacher Conferences
Feb. 14….. Valentine Party
Feb. 23….. Our Woodland Wrap-Up day
March 8….. AR Party Day
Math Fact Fluency: Remember to practice your child's math fact level flash cards with them to increase fluency (reading the fact and providing the answer within 5 seconds).
Sight/High Frequency Words: Cut these words apart to use as flash cards to help your child recognize and read them quickly (within 3 seconds).
  now house knee down out men read need land different