What is Due?

What is Due?

Disclaimer: Grades beyond those listed here will be taken. This is a minimal list. Because of the nature of a constructivist classroom, sometimes students complete tasks beyond what was anticipated. As assignments are given and students complete activities, those graded items will be listed here. Click on inks to assignments.



This week in Speech, students will be completing (hopefully) seven Journal in Motion assignments. These are largely participation type grades.




Students will begin To Kill a Mockingbird and will reading the first three chapters. In addition, they will take notes on the characters, Harper Lee and Truman Capote and their relationship, and the critical vocabulary of civil rights. Also, they will be completing a Prezi on an unreliable narrator (Scout Finch), taking a poll, and watching a short video clip over labels. Grades will be taken on notes, and participation in discussions and poll.



Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Upperclassmen will be learning about professional writing groups and how they function. They will also be doing an examination of Hip Hop music, the rhyme schemes associated with it, the complexity of it and will be utilizing the writing groups to create their own Hip Hop creation. These will be presented on Tuesday. While a grade will be taken on the final product and presentation, students will also be given points for being on task and abiding by norms set by the writing community. Students writing will be checked periodically for progress to insure success.