2017-2018 School Year


Algebra 1 and Algebra 2:

Both Algebra I and Algebra II will be using the accelerated math program.  This program allows students to utilize our classroom set of Kindle Fire tablets.  All of the students assignments will be generated as online worksheets that they can view and work on with their tablets.  *Additionally, if the students miss class or need to do extra work at home they can access their work at home using a computer, cell phone or tablet.   Instructions for getting logged on at home will be at the bottom of this page.  The curriculum of Algebra I will introduce the students to concepts such as expressions, equations, inequalities, graphs, statistics, and systems.  The curriculum of Algebra II will expand on the ideas of Algebra I and additionally include absolute value equations, matrices, quadratic equations, and conic sections. 



Algebra 3 and Trigonometry:

Trigonometry will begin with a rigorous nine week review of algebra and geometry concepts.  During this time, students will be working on the accelerated math program much like the Algebra I and Algebra II classes.  After the review is complete, the trigonometry curriculum will introduce the students to concepts in trigonometry such as right triangle trigonometry, graphs of trigonometric functions, and trigonometric identities.  One of the main goals for this course is to help students improve their ACT scores.



Calculus will be working out of the Saxon Calculus textbook this year.   We will be covering two new lessons per week.  In addition to the Calculus curriculum, we will be working on improving ACT test taking skills during bell work each day.  Calculus will cover a variety of topics in addition to reviewing major concepts of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. 



*To log on to Accelerated Math assignments from a home computer, cell phone or tablet:  Go to the school's website at and click on the tab "Student Resources."  When that page loads click on "Renassiance Home Connect" and you will be able to log into the accelerated math site and view your assignments and progress.