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Classroom: WHS #1

Conference: 8:54 – 9:44 a.m.

Telephone: (918) 642-3295 ext.103

Email: krogers@woodland.k12.ok.us

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Karen Rogers


Alternative Education

Credit Recovery

This classroom is tailored for students who need less traditional ways to complete course work to meet requirements for graduation.  Some students may need to recover a subject, some may need to take a course they may not be able to fit into their schedule, and others may need an alternative to the traditional class schedules.     

The program utilizes a combination of online course work provided through Edgenuity and teacher-prepared lessons.  These courses are approved and aligned to Oklahoma Standards.


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Introducing Tribble…   Tribble the Rabbit      Star Trek Tribble

Tribbles are a fictional alien species in the Star Trek universe. They were conceived by screenwriter David Gerrold, and first appeared in a 1967 episode titled "The Trouble with Tribbles". They are depicted as small, furry, gentle, attractive, and slow-moving; often purring when stroked. These round, furry creatures emitted cooing sounds while touched, which had a tranquilizing effect on the Human nervous systemOur Tribble is a blue torte Holland Lop.  While he almost never emits a sound, when touched he does have an amazingly tranquilizing effect on humans.