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Biology II

Biology II

Welcome to Biology II!

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Biology II is the continuation of Biology and is typically taken in the junior or senior year. Though we are following the same book the content is a little higher level and the class is more challenging.

I like to think of this class as Zoologt: light and I definitely reccomend taking it before taking Zoology. In Bio II we spend the entire first semester learning about non-human life. We cover everything from bacteria to vertebrates! That is a lot to fit into one semester! For the most part, we just cover the basics. Starting with taxonomy and classifications, we move through each domain and kingdom; first learning about bacteria, protsits, fungi, then plants and finally animals. 

The second semester is all about us! Human anatomy and physiology. We learn more detailed processes of the human systems from epithelial to reproductive. For students going on to medical or biological careers, this class provides excellent groundwork for the more complex courses of college.

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