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Welcome to Zoology!

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Zoology! Certainly one of my favorite subjects to teach, which shouldn’t be surprising since this is what my degree is in! 

Typically taken in the junior or senior year, zoology details only a small portion of the vast world that is Kingdom Animalia. 

The first semester is dedicated to those creatures that make up roughly 99% of all animal life, the invertebrates! Invertebrates definitely don’t get as much attention as they should but we do our best in this semester to get a better understanding of the multiple millions of animals that live on this Earth without a backbone and notochord! 

The second semester is what everyone seems to really get excited about it because we learn about all the macrofauna that is generally most familiar to us. Vertebrates include fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals -all animals with vertebrae and notochords.

For students going on to Veterinary or other biological careers, this class provides excellent groundwork for the more complex classes of college. 


This class does have a number of dissections over the course of the year and you will not be excused from labs for any reason. Labs cannot be made up. If you are not present for dissection labs then you will receive a zero. If you do not think you can handle cutting into preserved animals I strongly encourage you to give it a chance, most of the time, fascination in learning overcomes squeamishness. That said, if you simply can not do it, you may want to consider another class. 

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