Character Traits

Character Traits


Obedience – Cheerfully carrying out the directions and wishes of those who are responsible for me.

I Will

obey my authorities immediately

have a cheerful attitude

complete all that I am expected to do

not complain

go the “extra mile”



Truthfulness – Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.


I Will

tell the truth

encourage others to tell the truth

not cheat or steal

admit it when I am wrong

not exaggerate to make things seem different than what they are




Self-Control – Rejecting my own desires and

doing what is right.

I will

not act impulsively

not equate desires with rights

set my own limits

see anger as a sign that something is wrong

walk away from things that aren’t right



Gratefulness – Letting others know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life.

I will

show my parents and teachers that I appreciate them

write “Thank You” notes

take care of my things

be content with what I have

count my benefits rather than my burdens



Generosity – Realizing that I am a trustee of all I have and using everything for the best purposes.

I will

share what I have with others


not expect anything in return for my generosity

give of my time and talents

praise the good I see in others