Scary Writing Topics

Scary Writing Prompts


One day a black dot appears on the moon. Over the course of two months, the dot slowly engulfs the entire moon in blackness. You are the first to notice a similar black dot on earth.


Start with this line: My sister was a terrible liar.


They sent me because I don’t exist.


I felt, suddenly, that the center of this man’s attention was a very bad place to be.


Write about characters as they explore an ancient network of catacombs. The catch? This character stumbles upon a cage with a beautiful person trapped within. Double catch? This damsel was put there a long time ago as punishment for her crime.


You are a 12 year old son of a professional assassin. Describe what you observe at home.


When they finally pried open the door, a horrendous smell hit them with such force it sent them reeling backwards in panic and disgust.


A scientist develops a way to communicate with butterflies and is driven mad by what they tell him.


She was armed with a smirk and a bottle of pills


Have you still got your blindfold on? His voice came from where he was tied up behind me, “Yes.” Promise me you won’t take it off.


I knew what you were from the beginning. I could smell the blood. You were born to spill blood, boy.


Write about a character who at times is able to vividly remember things that never actually happened. Explore the mind of this character as they begin to doubt their mind. After all, if they can believe what never happened - who is to say what’s true and what isn’t?


This is the fifth door he’s knocked on.


You are a kid’s imaginary friend. He’s growing up. You’re fading away.


Number 221 had been stealing medicine. Not a lot. Just a little bit, every day, hidden away in a vent. THe kind that could dissolve in someone’s morning coffee.


You find an old photograph while cleaning out a drawer.


My sister says that mommy killed her. Mommy says that I don’t have a sister.


“I need to talk to a human,” he demanded.


There had never been a worse time to sneeze.


This is the only story I’ll ever tell


And then, being mindful not to spill my tea, I eased into the tartan embrace of his least offensive armchair and settled back to watch him die


A pair of twins are born minutes apart on both sides of midnight. The twin of yesterday is similar to the twin of today in every way but one.


Her garden was more lethal than pretty.


She wasn’t a witch. Mostly.


“Do you trust me?” “No.” “Smart man.”


She hated everything about him.


Not all haunted places are houses.


“You think you have a choice, and that’s sweet and all, but it’s time you take the knife and do what you were made to do.”


He lept over the terrace railing and onto the ground below, running toward the fallen form as fast as he could,


There’s a teenage boy covered in blood, living in my closet. He’s kinda shy, but he’s okay for a ghost.


To whoever finds this message, they erased us. This is all that remains. Remember us, please.


“Last time a guy kissed me, it turned out to be a dragon trying to eat my face.”

“Well, here’s to hoping you have a better experience this time around.”


The last made who tried to scale the wall was never seen or heard from again. I still don’t know if that means he succeeded or he failed.


The eye color of humans changes with an individual’s current emotions. One person is born without this trait and is mistrusted by many people.


You are the child of the villain and have just gotten the news that his arch nemesis has killed him.


I leaned against the wall of my house, pulled a cigarette from the pack and lit it.


I opened my bag and removed the old book. I began reading the words that would start the ritual

You’ve been dead for 67 days. You awake to the entire world watching the first human revival. Your revival.


“Cookies? You’re bribing me with cookies? I mean, they’re good, but not that good.”

“No, we’re bribing you with the antidote. You have three days until the poison kills you. Think about it.”


“And why do we have to bring a 12 year old to a crime scene?”

The boy smiled faintly and replied, “Detective, I am here for your protection.”


How do you destroy a monster without becoming one.


This is what the darkness promised


“I thought you were my friend.”
“I am. But it is my duty, as a friend, to tell you that you such at this.”


Everyone only gets to lie three times in their life, so they only do so when it’s an absolute must. This is the story of how someone lied three times in one day.


There were jewels embedded in his pale arms.


“It’s complicated,” he began.


Human civilization splinters off into a daytime society and a nighttime society. You live in one society and begin to contemplate if you should be in the other.


There’s something you should know in case I don’t come back.


We all have stories we won’t ever tell.


I have nothing to apologize for.


At the age of 21, everyone receives a weapon that embodies them perfectly.


The washing machine shuddered, the radio died and the kettle stopped mid boil. The power was out again. She peered out the window to make sure it wasn’t just her house affected and that was when she saw it…

The telephone rang. When she answered it, her whole life changed forever.


All I have to do is scare people away. That is my job. It’s been my responsibility for eleven years now. I wasn’t give instructions or even the slights of idea as to why I have to do it, but it’s fun and it pays well


“No. Not you. Anyone but you.”


She lives in someone’s locket.


Now remember, if you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run.


Throw your character into different culture where all the qualities he’s ever been praised for are frowned upon instead. How does he react.


Waking up with a dagger pointed at your throat is as terrifying as you’d think it is.


Your character is haunted by a ghost with limited energy. Before disappearing, the ghost always utters the same three words. What are those words? Is it a full sentence?


Every child has a monster that lives under their bed. Society’s coming of age ceremony is to kill that monster. The time has come for you to become an adult.


She wrapped her body in the old crocheted blanket and pretended she was anywhere but here.


She bent to smell the lone rose. When she straightened back up the whole world was different.


I didn’t even bother reading the contract. Right now, I just wanted my friend back.


Somewhere, buried deep within the Earth, are 99 others, just like me.


Sorry I died.


You stumble across an article online detailing a brutal murder. There are pictures of the victim. It’s you.


The people of the dank, dark night were far more honest than my own family.


The ex who just won’t die.


You walk around an old, abandoned graveyard. While taking a closer look at the headstones, you recognize one of the names. Who is it?


Hair fell over his forehead, nearly hiding his mismatched eyes.


“Come on, when have my calculations ever been wrong.”


“Shut up, that was one time.”


How does a memory sound.


Artificial intelligence becomes a reality, but each computer brought to life contains the soul of a deceased person.


Write down who you were, who you are and what you want to remember.


As you’ve slept, the teddy bear you adore has fought off demons to keep you safe. The night before you decide you’re going to get rid of him, seeing as how you’ve outgrown him, you awake to witness his last stand against the forces that intend to forever corrupt your childhood innocence.


Hell contrary to popular belief, is not a pit of darkness and eternal torture, but more of a rehab center you visit until you are accepted into heaven. You are a serial killer, now explain your journey.


“I can’t sleep,” she said crawling into bed with me. I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in.


You get home, tired after a long day’s work and ready for a relaxing night alone. You reach for the light switch, but another hand is already there.


I just saw my reflection blink.


There is a picture of me asleep in my phone. I live alone.


My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.


You hear your mom calling you from the kitchen. As you are heading down the stairs you hear a whisper, “Don’t go down there honey. I heard it too”


Dude. Where did that spider go.


The last man on earth was sitting in a room alone. There was a knock at the door.


She asked me why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.


The doctors told the amputee that she might experience a phantom limb from time to time. No one warned him about the times he would feel cold fingers brush across his phantom arm.


The heart attack came and went, knocking Mike into unconsciousness. As he awoke he could hear the graveside service around him. Somehow the casket was translucent to him and he could see his friend gathered around, but his body could not move. He realized what death really was.


When I finally grabbed her in the darkness, I swam back to the surface. It never occurred to me how fast the ice could freeze over.


You’re a free Genie living in the real world and still discretely grant wishes when you hear them. Tell me what it’s like to be you.


“Oh, I’m a monster? Perhaps you should speak to me more softly, then. Monsters are dangerous, and just now kings are dying like flies.”


“I am not human. I never was. So why are you expecting me to act like one?”


In a world where emotions are considered drugs, your family has sat you down to talk about your addiction to joy.


“I need to talk to a human,” he demanded


Every door in the world suddenly locks. Describe the aftermath.


“Do you trust me?”


“Smart man.”


If found do not open.


He got the text he’d been dreading, “Now.”


Don’t bleed on my floor.


Describe the same character twice. Once to fall in love with them, then again to be repulsed by them.


Children should play with guns

Who said I was playing?


You have the ability to freeze time. When you do, everyone freezes as well. One day, you freeze time and out the window, you see a girl moving around.


Despite the blindfold, she knew exactly where she was.


In your dying moments, you see a “Game Over” screen with two options: Try Again or End Game”


And it doesn’t bother you at all that you nearly killed her.


Is this one of those times when you want me to lie to protect your delicate emotions


We’ll make a criminal out of you yet.


He finally admits to that thing you've always suspected.


It’s not wise to let someone like that know your name.


You’re a detective on your city’s police force. A dead body has been left on your station’s steps. The body looks exactly like you.


A child is born with an imagination so strong that it leaks into reality.