General Expectations

General Expectations

1. Dignity and respect for others and YOURSELF.

2. Buy-in to your task (assignment). You know how to behave; I don't have to assign things to keep you busy. When I assign something it is because I think it is important based on what the State of Oklahoma has set forth.

3. Cell phones should be out of site and on silent in my classroom, unless we are using them an academic purpose. If I see them, you can pick them up in the office after school. We have technology available to you, therefore cell phones are not generally needed. If a family member needs to get in touch with you, they may call the office.

4. It is generally a good idea to keep paper footballs, crayons, paper wads, spitwats, pencils and fits unthrown in my classroom. Please take your returned papers with you or throw them away. YOU are responsible for picking up after yourself, not Mrs. Buckner or me.

5. Speak your honest truth when we are debating. Remember, always, I don't care what you think as long as you know what you think and why you think it. Make your stand.

6. Observe. Consider. Imagine. Believe. Discuss. 

7. Don't be a horse's patootie. In the words of Sweet Brown Wilkins "Ain't nobody got time for that."

8. Pick up the room after yourself. Did I say this once already? It is because it is important. Even if you are in the middle of a project, pick it up and store it. This is where we meet to gain wisdom. Treat it as such.

9. You are required to tell me I am fabulous ever day. Every. Day. (Just kidding)

10. You may bring drinks with a twist cap into my room. You may deposit your empty containers in the trash can to maintain this privilege. If Styrofoam cups are brought into my room, I may have a panic attack. The noise it makes is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. 

11. Food will be consumed outside of the classroom, unless special circumstances exist or arrangements are made. 

12. To be English class...every day...every single will need something to write with and something to write on. Every day. You should have that with you when you arrive rather than asking to go to your locker after class has started. Every day. Your friends, while typically very dependable, should probably not be depended on to bring your class supplies for you. Did I mention you will need these supplies every day?

13. When the bell rings, the students in the room, ready to work, are on time. Others are tardy. Three tardies earn you the ultimate reward of joining me for a lunch time quiet time...otherwise known as "detention." How do I like giving up a lunch order to help a student learn to get to class on time...when they are already in the correct building? Not even a little bit. But because I care about your future, I will do that for you. 

14. Two students in the booth. Two students at each table. Chairs are set up in a specific manner to facilitate learning. They should remain where they are.

15. You will need to have a Gmail account so that you can access google-docs. All of your papers for English will be typed and saved there so that there is no chance of them being lost. You will be able to access them from any internet linked device, even your phone (which I should never see). If you do not have a Gmail and have no idea how to get one, we can help you with that. 

16. If you need to throw up, do not ask to leave the room. Just go. If you throw up in my presence, I will throw up also. One would think that after having three children, three grandchildren, numerous foster children, little cousins, neices and nephews, and plenty of animals, I would be able to handle vomit. But I can't. So. Just. Go. 


As you can see, all expectations are basically related to respect.

Respect, yourself, others, the room, our purpose, and me. 


Cougars do not shout their Cougar-tude.

They act.