Possible Persuasive Topics



Death Penalty

Gun Control

Livestock Living Within City Limits

Transplants - Face

Transplants - Organ Selling

Transplants - Prisoners


Lowering Drinking Age

School Storm Shelters

Legalization of Marijuana

Football Injuries

Police Brutality

School Uniforms

Cell Phones in Class

College Athletes being Paid

Immigrants Learning English

Illegal Immigrants - Social Welfare

Helmet Laws

Seat Belt Laws

Car Seat Laws


Unhealthy Foods in School

Girls in Football

Title Nine


Violent Video Games

Birth Control with Parental Permission



Prayer in Schools

Music and Headphones while doing Schoolwork

Smoking in Parks and Outdoor Public Venues

City Free Public Wi-Fi

Tax on Junk Food

Assault Weapons

Airline Intensive Security Screening

Exotic Pets

Pit Bulls

Cock Fighting

Dog Fighting

Larger People Pay for 2 Seats

on Airline or Movie

Cyber Bullying School Suspension

Food and Drink in Class

Students and Teachers Friends on Facebook

Open Campus for Lunch

Overseas Military Operations


Make Puerto Rico a State

Stem Cell from Aborted Babies

Welfare Drug Test

Athletes Drug Tested (in Schools)

R Rated Movies at 13

EOI’s in Spanish

Animal Testing


Test Results Influencing Teacher Pay


One Child Policy

Minority Hiring Requirements

Gambling Illegality

Children Commit Violent Crimes

Tried as Adult

Detention of Untried Terrorists

Sealing the Borders