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December 15 letter about Make up work due to quarantine 


December 15, 2020



        I am sending home the work that your child would be doing in class this week. They have until January 4th to complete this week’s work and last week’s quarantine work. They are also responsible for the computer work for the quarantine and this week as well. Below is the copy of the quarantine classwork and the daily computer work that we do in class.


Uncle Bunny book pages 36-47

Buckle Down Math book pages 60-63, 129-132

Computer programs:

*Path Blazers Reading (20 minutes daily)

*Edgenuity-Odyssey-Math Assignments (20 minutes daily)

*Xtra Math-(6 minutes daily)

I will be taking grades on their computer work.


Please email me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Thompson



Reading-Students are responsible for reading an AR book nightly for at least 20 minutes to someone and getting Reading Marker signed. Markers are to be returned each day to be checked by the teacher.

Math-A fact page or homework assignment from a new concept or review is sent home nightly.

Spelling-Each week your child is given a Spelling list to be studied. These need to be worked on nightly. Spelling tests are every Thursday. 




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