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Me!Cambree Danielle As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen - The first time I held Cambree.lMitchell, Caroline, EmilySarah Virginia's junior class pictureMom and EmilySarah Virginia, Me, Caroline Elizabeth, and Emily JaneEmily and NicholasMe, my mother holding Cambree, Caroline and EmilyMom and SarahThomas, Tyler, Lee and Me.My Baby BFF CambreeMy mom with her grandkids: Cambree (Great granddaughter) and Baylee, Blake, Emily and CarolineMeMy brother, RonnieMy Brother, RonnieMy Family at Caroline's Graduation: Sarah, Me, Caroline, Mitch, Emily, LarryEmily, my daughterMy momEmilySarah, Caroline, Me and EmilySarah on the day she passed awayEmilyEmily and my momEmilySarah on the day she passed away and EmilyCambree and her daddy, my son-in-law, MitchCambree, Mitch, CarolineCambreeSarah, Me, Emily and CarolineEmilyMy popsMy mom and popsMy grandchildren Cambree and NicholasCambree and NicholasMy daddy who passed away in a trucking accident when I was 18CambreeEmily and my husbandEmily and my husbandEmilyMy grandchildren Nicholas and CambreeCambree and MitchMy daughters, Caroline, Emily and SarahYes. I have my conceal carry. I might be able to hit the broad side of a barn if it were standing less than ten feet from me. Cambree and Chloe ME!Caroline and Emily, two of my daughtersEmily and Justin Dowell my daughter and son in lawNicholas and his very cool cat!Chloe RoseCambree, Chloe, Annistyn and MeWilson Pipestem and Me. Such an amazing day. Mitchell and Caroline, Cambree, Chloe Rose, MaverickNicholasMaverickMaverickMitchell, Caroline, Cambree, Chloe Rose, and MaverickOlenna ElaineEmily, Annistyn, OlennaAnnistyn and OlennaCambree, Chloe Rose, and Maverick with meMy family! The Praters, The Dowells, and The HadleysJustin, Emily, Annistyn and OlennaAnnistyn and Olenna and Me Christmas 2017CambreeAnnistyn and OlennaMaverickThe oldest Dowell baby and the oldest Hadley baby with me