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Jessica Torres

Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of Science!

Science makes the world go round and I can’t wait to help you understand why! 
I am a lifelong lover of Science and Art. As a child I enjoyed peering into tide pools, climbing trees, watching and reading all things science (Miss. Frizzle is my personal hero), and trying to convince my parents that I needed more pets I Once I was out on my own I worked towards fulfilling my own dreams of surrounding myself with animals by pursuing a degree in Zoology! Shortly before I graduated college I founded Nature’s Vein Wildlife Rescue and Education through which I discovered that I also have a great passion for teaching! Taking on the challenging role of a science teacher is the newest adventure in my life and I am all too thrilled to be able to share my love of science and nature with the next generation. With any luck, I will be able to nurture their own passions as well! 
In addition to the fluctuating numbers of rescues in and out of the house I also maintain my own little menagerie of cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles; some of which the students may get to meet through out the year! 

Rescued Broad winged hawk 

This year I lost my best friend of nine years and I miss him dearly every day.
RIP Merlin 

merlin cat

Jessica Torres

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