Homework Calendar
Ms. Heskett's Weekly Homework Calendar
Word of the Month: Attentiveness Jan. 15, 2018
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Math:Drops In the Bucket R45 Math:Drops In the Bucket R46 Math:Drops In the Bucket R47  READING HW this week:  Your child will have a poem/story in their folder for HW.  Use a stopwatch to time how long it takes your child to read it the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time. This is to build fluency.
We will not have spelling this week.  We will be continuing with our DIBELS Benchmark screenings.
Reading: Time your child  3 times on their poem/story
DIB: 45
Reading: Time your child 3 times on their poem/story
DIB: 46
Reading: Time your child 3 times on their poem/story
DIB: 47
REMEMBER: Pease make sure your child's name is written inside their coat so we can return it to them.     Also, your child must be fever-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school after being sick. (Hopefully everyone has gotten well during the break.)
Memory Work Upcoming Dates to Remember
from Character First
I will look at someone speaking
And I'll listen all I can.
I will sit or stand up straight
Like a soldier on command.
I will not draw attention;
I will guard against distraction.
I will learn to ask the questions
That will help me understand.
Commitments are important steps
To guard against disaster...
Jan. 8… Back to School
Feb. 1 & 8… Parent Teacher Conferences
Mar. 7… AR Party
Mar. 15… Elem. Basketball Festival
Mar. 16-25 Spring Break - NO SCHOOL
Sight/High Frequency Words: Cut these words apart to use as flash cards to help your child recognize and read them quickly (within 3 seconds).
  blue me one right saw move their into great put