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Welcome to WOODLAND !
100 North Sixth Street, Fairfax, Oklahoma 74637
Ext-100 Superintendent-Fax 918-642-1355 Ext-200-Elementary-Fax 918-642-3280
Ext-102 High School-Fax 918-642-5754 Ext-300-Middle School-Fax 918-738-4287



When a closing occurs, you will be notified by our School Reach telephone system (Please keep your phone number current with our HS Office).  Channel 8, Channel 6, and Channel 23 in Tulsa will be notified of the closing and those links are included below.

http://pics.newson6.com/gallery/3125             http://ktul.com/weather/closings


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January 4th Lita Kelly January 20th Tabitha Hewitt
January 8th Trina Hutchison January 21st Byron Staples
January 8th Wade Wright January 29th Debbie Choate
January 20th Lisa Crabtree    

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http://www.boxtops4education.com/                                     http://www.labelsforeducation.com/

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